Marissa and Alex Wedding

October 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

We had the extreme pleasure of photographing Marissa and Alex on their wedding day last month. This couple's story and journey has been such a great inspiration to us and we were honored to be part of their important day...not to mention that we lucked out with absolutely gorgeous weather!

We met M & A while volunteering for the ACLU. We soon learned that we had mutual shared principles, specifically in regard to civil liberties and basic rights. Working with the couple, during these ACLU events and especially on their wedding day, has been a terrific collaboration. The love they share is undeniable and their commitment to each other (as well as their commitment to their values) is remarkable.  Congratulations to the two of you and best of luck in the years to come - may your life be filled with happiness and important activism!  

Marissa and Alex_TEASERS001Marissa and Alex_TEASERS001 diptych_1diptych_1 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS002Marissa and Alex_TEASERS002 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS003Marissa and Alex_TEASERS003 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS004Marissa and Alex_TEASERS004 Diptych_2Diptych_2 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS006Marissa and Alex_TEASERS006 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS005Marissa and Alex_TEASERS005 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS007Marissa and Alex_TEASERS007 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS008Marissa and Alex_TEASERS008 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS009Marissa and Alex_TEASERS009 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS010Marissa and Alex_TEASERS010 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS011Marissa and Alex_TEASERS011 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS012Marissa and Alex_TEASERS012 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS013Marissa and Alex_TEASERS013 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS014Marissa and Alex_TEASERS014 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS015Marissa and Alex_TEASERS015 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS016Marissa and Alex_TEASERS016 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS017Marissa and Alex_TEASERS017 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS018Marissa and Alex_TEASERS018 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS019Marissa and Alex_TEASERS019 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS020Marissa and Alex_TEASERS020 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS021Marissa and Alex_TEASERS021 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS022Marissa and Alex_TEASERS022 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS023Marissa and Alex_TEASERS023 Marissa and Alex_TEASERS024Marissa and Alex_TEASERS024


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